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Back-End Sql Server
Website Url
Actual Price 4500
Discount Price 3499
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Technical Specifications

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • P4 System
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 60GB HDD

Software Requirements

  • Asp.Net Version 3.5
  • Sql Server 2008
  • Any Text Editor

Designs & Layouts

  • The screen density is appropriate for the target users and their tasks.
  • The layout helps focus attention on what to do next.
  • Each page on the site shares a consistent layout.
  • GUI components (like radio buttons and check boxes) are used appropriately .
  • Fonts are readable.
  • Layouts are developed in HTML & CSS
  • Responsive -NO

List of forms and data entry usability guidelines

  • Field labels on forms clearly explain what entries are desired.
  • Text boxes on forms are the right length for the expected answer.
  • There is a clear distinction between "required" and "optional" fields on forms.